A Comprehensive Guide To Commercial Door Buzzer Systems By Security System Integrators

A buzzer doorbell or Commercial Door Buzzer Systems is a warning system that uses electricity to generate sound. To do this, it uses two systems:

– An original one that activates the mechanism and has a built-in button.

– A target one, which emits the vibration so that it is audible.

The main difference concerning bell ones is that the mechanical blow of a hammer is not used on it. Instead, the electricity system reproduces a humming sound inside the home. The same happens with other spaces in which it is used, such as commercial premises or industrial warehouses.

Buzzer doorbell for homes on which you can read the word press

Regarding its operation, it is based on the principles of electroacoustics :

When the push button is pressed, a light current is released.

This passes through an electromagnet through its coil and quickly reaches the breaker.

The electromagnet exerts a force of attraction towards the piece in charge of vibrating.

The continuous and repetitive blows of a firing pin produce the vibration.

These four steps are part of a cycle repeated numerous times in a short time. This way, it works at high speed so that each blow is compacted and the hum is produced.

Difference Between Buzzer And Standard Doorbell

Standard bells use a less complex system since they contain a pre-recorded sound that they emit without the intervention of mechanical means. These are other differences:

– Unlike the doorbell, the buzzer does not contain a bell inside.

– To compensate for this absence, you need a metal tab that hits the firing pin.

– Generally, the sound of the buzzer is somewhat more pronounced and powerful.

The security system integrators and design of both does not have to be so different. They are completely different systems, but the aesthetics of the doorbells tend to be increasingly homogeneous. Therefore, we cannot distinguish them exclusively by their external appearance.

Common Buzzer Malfunctions And How To Solve Them

With everyday use, it is normal for a buzzer to malfunction. Normally, they are not serious and are due to the passage of time, although remember that their useful life is very long.

  1. Disconnection of the terminals

Firstly, we have terminal disconnections due to poor installation. To solve this problem:

You have to open the doorbell cover and check the condition of the cables.

If any are disconnected, you must first reconnect them (removing the electrical current).

Then, close the lid again and turn on the power.

  1. Problems with power supply

The fault may also be located in the electrical supply. Specifically in one of the units (the interior or the exterior) or both. In this case, the solution is more complex, so that it will require the intervention of a professional handyman :

– The most appropriate thing is to use a voltmeter to determine the intensity of the current.

– If this is null, it may be necessary to replace the system (both units) directly.