Car Rental Still Matters -The Advantages Of Car Rental

If you plan to do any travelling (be it for business purposes or leisure), you’ll likely need to rent or lease a car. Getting a short period car rental or long term car lease in Singapore is the go-to alternative option if you want to get to your destination. As opposed to buying a new car (if you don’t have one) or renting or leasing a set of wheels can provide you with the most comfortable transportation at your own pace.

Today’s modern world relies on a set of sophisticated carriages with engines as the main in-land transportation. Getting from point A to point B is still an uphill battle if you don’t know which transport option you should take.

The Pros Of Car Rental

If you haven’t experienced renting a car for your travels, there are many reasons it’s a popular transportation option. Having a travel companion or going out solo, a car rental may be your best option. Here’s why:

It’s affordable

Getting a weekend car rental in Singapore is less expensive than you think. A budget-friendly car rental rate can be anywhere from $60 or less than $100, depending on the car you choose and the duration of the rent. Nonetheless, car rentals can save you from thinking about car maintenance, servicing, and insurance. You also wouldn’t have to think about long-term depreciation problems. Plus, when you plan ahead, you’ll get many more ways to save more.

Since you don’t need to use a car every day and you’ll only need one for a special occasion or personal travels, it might be a better option to lease or opt for a weekend car rental than buy a new one.

Comfort at your own convenience

Getting transportation and being able to go to your destination at your own pace without needing to dictate a driver can be less hassle. You can go to your destination without waiting for anyone, and things are less likely to go well against your plan. You have the control, and you can take it with you, even if you’re planning for an evening dinner, afternoon shopping or brunch.

It meets what you really need

Whether going on a solo adventure, attending a business meeting/event, bringing out your friends and loved ones on a trip, getting a car rental will fulfil your needs. There are various types of vehicles available from a local car rental dealer. Whether you’re looking for a van or electric car rental in Singapore, you can expect the right dealer to satiate your travel requirements.

It saves time

If you’re trying to catch a business meeting and need quick transportation, you can look no further than getting a car rental. If there are no taxis and buses available, and you’re at a rush hour for something, what will you do?

Getting a car rental will provide you with a faster transport solution than waiting in line in a bus shed or metro train station. You can even navigate the quickest route to reach your destination, so you spend less time on the traffic jams and more on what matters most for the day. Whether you’re planning for a weekend or daily car rental in Singapore, you can liberate yourself from the hassle of waiting to get a cab or bus.

Complete freedom

No more worries about carrying luggage on the bus or train. There are lesser constraints when travelling throughout the region—it’s one of the main reasons people still opt for car rental services. You have the total liberty to control and navigate around until you reach your final destination.

Regardless of destination and who you’re travelling with, there will always be the right transport solution that can meet your needs. As we can see, getting a daily or weekend car rental is still a significant part of our living. Be it for personal or corporate reasons, car rental still plays a significant role in providing a cost-efficient transport solution whenever you’re on the go.

Before You Rent A Car…


If you fancy opting for a weekend or daily car rental services, you need to know first what you should do before renting a vehicle. If you’re a first-time car renter, this guide is for you. Here’s what you need to know before you rent a car in Singapore:

Pick the right car

Whether you’re opting for a van or Mercedes leasing in Singapore or renting an electric-powered car, it still matters to “make specifics about” which car to choose. Choosing the right vehicle lies in determining where you intend it to use. It includes the number of its seating capacity, its features, etc.

Driving licence

Your driver’s licence is one of the most crucial things you should bring when driving or renting a car. In order for the dealer to honour the agreement and make reservations for clients, the client must provide their driver’s licence in accordance with the type of vehicle to be rented. For example, class 3A is not eligible to rent a vehicle with more than 8 passengers with an unladen weight exceeding 3000kg.

Your schedule matters

Like any other short-term rent/long term car lease, you’ll need dates when you will need the vehicle. Most dealers recommend that their clients make a booking ahead of time by at least a week or two. Thus, it makes it easier for the dealers to reserve the car for you. Otherwise, you’ll risk the chance of getting the vehicle of your choice in time.

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