Here’s what a Canadian customs broker can do for your business 

New importers often make the mistake of assuming that they can manage customs clearance and documentation on their own. Regulations & laws concerning international trade and importing in Canada evolve and change frequently. Instead of trying to juggle many roles at once, it’s time to engage a customs broker. From ITN number request to paperwork, the right broker can change the way you deal with imports and related documentation. Here’s what a Canadian customs broker can do for your business. 

Customs Consulting

Are you concerned about the process of importing or how goods are classified? Are you looking to import goods for commercial needs from a new country? Consulting a customs broker is a good idea. Through customs consulting, you can gain insight into the evolving aspects of international trade. For the unversed, customs brokers are licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency, or CBSA, and can complete numerous tasks online.  

Customs Brokerage

Many importers trust customs brokers for the movement of goods. Starting with record-keeping to facilitating clearance and keeping up with requirements, your customs broker can do it. Top firms dealing in customs brokerage services handle all sorts of packages and goods shipped by sea, land, and air. No matter which leg of the journey you need help with, your customs broker will help with every aspect. 

ITN Number Requests

If you are importing goods worth $2,500 or more in America, you are required to have an ITN/AES Number, which shares details of the good’s value and the number of exports to the US Census Bureau. If you need an ITN to import a car or any other product from the US, your customs broker can help with the paperwork. 

Clearance for non-residents

You don’t need to be a resident of Canada to do business here. Instead of handling customs clearance on your own or navigating through the rules, you can consider engaging a customs broker to tackle everything. Expanding and growing your brand in Canada doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Bottom line

Working with a customs broker is not mandatory but is probably the best thing you can do. It also allows you to focus on the key business operations and reduce the workload on your core team. Just find a customs broker with credible experience in your sector, and don’t shy away from discussing your importing goals to get bespoke advice on curtailing costs. You can also check reviews to choose a customs broker.