How is an industry-leading cleanroom constructed? Quality is manufactured.

The cleanroom is integral to several industries ranging from pharmaceutical and microelectronics to aerospace. These container-like rooms with controlled air and humidity circulation are designed to save industry products from contamination and ensure the safety of people working inside. It does not share any exterior with the building; everything inside, from air to pressure, is maintained using integrated controllers. This facility also has no direct outside access to prevent the migration of particles from the room’s exterior to the cleanroom’s interior.

A cleanroom has various systems fitted to it for air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and lightning. It is strictly manufactured by professionals and includes several procedures in the manufacturing process. To manufacture an industry-leading cleanroom, rigorous work and robust coordination between customers and manufacturers are required. DRYSYS specialises in the construction of cleanrooms for various sectors and has been helping customers construct bespoke cleanrooms for the last 10 years. DRYSYS is among those few cleanroom manufacturers in Australia who create bespoke industrial cleanrooms that comply with AU/NZ standards.

As far as the construction process goes, cleanroom construction starts with a design that holds all customers’ specifications. Most industries have distinct needs from cleanrooms, so the design is determined by customers themselves. Choosing an ideal location is also crucial – it can be constructed in either small or large industrial sites. The design manual also describes a utility matrix with a list of all necessary equipment required for the job like air filters, cleanroom pass-throughs, curtains, walls, ceiling tiles, flooring, talk-through window unit, and terminal filers.

Walls can be set up as high as needed, given the required dimension of your bespoke cleanroom. The wall system can accommodate numerous windows of varying sizes and configurations. The cleanroom system has multiple door options like sliding, swing, and roll-up doors. Other pieces of equipment are added to this wall system, such as pass-throughs, wall partitions, air showers, air columns, and wall/floor coving.

The grid ceiling system is then added with standard ceiling tiles, which accommodate the lighting system and fan filter units. The roof deck completes the design. In place of the roof deck, DRYSYS can add a panelised roof system for your cleanroom, adding greater insulation and thermal control. DRYSYS builds a flexible panel system for cleanroom, which effectively allows post modifications even without showing signs of repair. All these pieces of equipment are pre-designed modular and are fitted sequentially by the developer team.

With DRYSYS, you can design your bespoke industry cleanroom system, which provides flexible modification options for the future. They require less time to design and construct and require less cost. You can build any kind of cleanroom system, including modular cleanrooms, hybrid cleanrooms, soft wall cleanrooms, and hard wall cleanrooms with DRYSYS. DRYSYS works closely with its customers to ensure both professionals and customers are governing the manufacturing process to produce result-oriented appliances for your industry. They make sure quality is maintained while you are making a considerable investment from your side for your industry-specific cleanrooms.