Office Cleaner Services: 9 Dirtiest Places in the Workplace

COVID-19 isn’t over. While the world is slowly recovering from its effects, it is essential to maintain proper health and safety protocols to minimise the spread of the virus. Regular appointments with professional office cleaning services in Singapore are one of the most effective methods of eliminating any bacteria, germs, and diseases lingering in the workspace.

However, despite their excellent work, regular maintenance isn’t enough to prevent COVID-19 and other diseases from spreading throughout the office. Employees carry hundreds, if not thousands of bacteria, germs, and viruses which stick to every surface they touch. Since it is impractical and expensive to hire or rely on office cleaner services to keep these dangerous elements at bay, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that everyone has a part in minimising the transmission risk of COVID-19 and other diseases.

Therefore, the first step toward keeping the office clean and free from germs, viruses, and bacteria is to know which areas are the dirtiest. Your office cleaning company in Singapore can only do so much after all. A significant amount of effort is necessary for you and your employees. With that information, read this article to know more about these nine places that contain the highest amount of unwanted particles and microorganisms.

Office Cleaner Services: 9 Dirtiest Places in the Workplace

1. Elevator Buttons


In a company comprising of hundreds if not thousands of employees, you can expect elevators to be working hard as individuals go up or down towards their destinations. With that said, you can expect that germs, viruses, and bacteria are infesting its buttons. Imagine the possible transmission cases when a person pushes one of them. Immediately after contact, hundreds of microorganisms and other unwanted particles cling to their fingers and continue to multiply. After that brief touch, they can spread those germs to other places they come in contact with, leading to more individuals becoming carriers. Aside from professional office cleaning services, the company must implement strict health and safety protocols like contactless alcohol dispensers in several areas with high traffic.

2. Door Handles

Like elevator buttons, door handles are one of the top places in an office that employees often touch. Having contactless alcohol dispensers in these areas can help prevent individuals from spreading COVID-19 and other diseases. Furthermore, you can contact your office cleaner in Singapore to sanitise door handles.

3. Desktops

Desktops, especially its mouse and keyboard, are possibly the dirtiest areas in the office. If you think about it, employees use them for several hours. No matter the time of the day, you can expect someone to be typing or scrolling through something. Moreover, since its users will most likely come from places like the bathroom, break room, or outside, you can expect them to carry hundreds of unwanted particles that could transfer into their computers.

While your office cleaner services are capable of eliminating most of the germs, viruses, and bacteria in the workspace, other health and safety protocols are necessary to ensure that employees contain as few unwanted particles as possible.

4. Faucets


Imagine, after spending several seconds ensuring that you did the proper way of cleaning your hands, germs, viruses, and bacteria end up infecting them after touching the faucet. Believe it or not, these areas harbour hundreds or even thousands of diseases that could infect dozens of employees. Therefore, aside from your professional office cleaning services, you should inform everyone to sanitise their hands after using the faucet to minimise transmission risks.

5. Microwaves

Most people prefer their meals hot and that’s a fact. No matter how small your company is, you can expect to see a microwave in their breakroom. However, since heat, moisture, and food particles are present in them, be careful as they could harbour hundreds of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Therefore, you should inform your office cleaning company in Singapore to pay attention to these appliances.

6. Drinking Fountains

As mentioned previously, moisture is an excellent contributor to the growth of bacteria and germs. Therefore, your office cleaner services should pay close attention to your drinking fountains and water dispensers. Moreover, consider letting water pour down for a few seconds before using it and don’t forget to sanitise your hands after.

7. Refrigerators

Since the company uses refrigerators to keep their lunch from spoiling, germs and bacteria are bound to multiply inside, especially since some of its contents are bound to expire for whatever reason. While it is advisable to regularly disinfect the appliance, it is normal to expect that no one would like to do it. Fortunately, there are professional office cleaning services in Singapore capable of accomplishing the task and ensuring that your food remains free from germs, viruses, and other unwanted particles.

8. Telephones

Similar to desktops, telephones are some of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in the workplace. You can always expect some employees to call or answer someone. While your office cleaner services are capable of eliminating any foreign and dangerous particles, it is also advisable for people to sanitise it before using it.

9. Restrooms


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that restrooms contain thousands of germs, viruses, and bacteria waiting for the next person to become a carrier. Whatever item you use inside is most likely full of unwanted particles. Therefore, an office cleaning company in Singapore must maintain cleanliness as often as possible.


Keeping the workplace clean is one of the most essential factors in ensuring that everyone remains healthy. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, proper health and safety protocols are crucial for businesses to continue. While it is true that there are additional expenses involved in keeping an area sanitised, the long-term benefits outweigh the temporary disadvantages.

Besides hiring professional office cleaning services in Singapore, you and your employees are partly responsible for ensuring that everything in the workplace is free from germs, viruses, and bacteria. Moreover, sanitising one’s hands is necessary to prevent disease transmissions.

With that information, determining the dirtiest places in the office is a significant step toward achieving a clean and healthy workplace. Pay attention to these nine areas, and you have the assurance that your employees will remain productive.

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